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Richard Crisco was the “perfect altar boy” growing up in his local Catholic Church.  He knew all about the Bible.  He faithfully served every Sunday for 10 years without fail.  Then at the age of 16 he answered an altar call to be forgiven of his sins and accepted Jesus in his heart.   He knew Chirst was real and desired to have a relationship with Him. His heart was filled with the Holy Spirit and he yearned to have His Presence in every part of his life.

Pastor Richard is committed to hosting the Presence of the Lord, winning souls, and impacting his community.  He is dedicated to living by example and encouraging men and women to live up to their full potential in Christ.  His teachings are passionate, humorous and fun, while his humility, integrity, and down-to-earth approach gives him the ability to relate to people. Richard served as the Pastor of Student Ministries in the midst of the largest revival in America’s history at Brownsville Assembly of God in Pensacola, Florida. Following his tenure as Pastor of Student Ministries, he served as the President of the Brownsville Revival School of Ministry. In May 2004, Richard came to serve as the Lead Pastor here at Rochester Christian Church.



Raised as the only child of a minister in Northern Alabama, Lindell Cooley was surrounded by ministry and music throughout his formative years. His first practical musical experience came when he was taught to play the tambourine at the age of five. From there, he went on to play the drums, bass guitar, organ and piano.

Nearly three decades later, he currently serves as president of Music Missions International (MMI) and Pastor at Grace Church: Nashville in Franklin, Tennessee.

Looking back on his early days as a budding musician and worship leader, Cooley is still surprised by the orchestrating hand that carefully prepared him for his current position. “My family and I often did concerts in addition to regular church services,” he recalls. “It was when they needed to produce a custom recording for radio stations that I learned to make records.”

At 21, Cooley was spending part of his time playing the piano with Christian musicians Lenny LeBlanc and Rusty Goodman and the other part serving as associate and children’s pastor in his father’s church. But he knew he had a destiny to fulfill and, at the age of 28, he set off to find it.

Cooley moved to Nashville, Tennessee, and began working at Christ Church as an assistant music minister. Two years later, he left Christ Church to become a studio musician and an independent producer. In the fall of 1994, Lindell Cooley visited Brownsville Assembly and met with Pastor John Kilpatrick. In February of 1995, Kilpatrick needed a music minister and believed Lindell was God’s choice for the position. After initially turning down the job, Cooley accepted and arrived in April of 1995. Two months later, while Lindell was away on a missions trip to the Ukraine, a historic revival began.

After 10 years as music minister for the Brownsville Revival, In January of 2004, Lindell moved back to Nashville, TN and began to plant Grace Church: Nashville. He currently resides in Franklin, TN with his wife Amber and two sons, Samuel and Isaac.

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I very clearly heard the Lord call me to lead worship the Summer before I turned 13 at Camp Cullisaja in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina. Shortly after, I joined a Christian band and traveled around the southeast playing the keyboards for the next four years. After graduating high school I studied music with an emphasis on jazz for a year at what is now Southeastern University (then college). After taking a semester off, I packed my bags for New England (too long and divine of a story for the battery life on your handheld device or laptop; if you really want to hear it and you have some vacation days saved up, just ask me sometime and I’ll tell you), where I enrolled at Zion Bible College for the Winter semester of 2005.

Three of the best years of my life later, I graduated, married the best girl in the world, and continued leading worship at South Attleboro Assembly of God, where I had been serving as worship pastor in the Summer of 2006.

After leaving South Attleboro in February of 2011, the Lord led Ashley and I to begin a new ministry, which at the time, we did not realize was a church plant in the making. We hadn’t planned on planting or pastoring a church, and were more than a little surprised when it happened, but could not deny the Lord’s call on us to continue our ministry with this group. Over the next several months (the first months of our existence as a church), the Lord revealed Himself over and over, each time more confirming for us than the last, that we were indeed hearing Him, and He has graciously continued to find favor on the people and ministry of His Providence Church to this day.


John grew up in church and felt called to be in ministry after a missions trip to Peru in 1998. After several trips to the Brownsville Revival in Pensacola, FL, he knew the Lord had called him and his heart was branded in the fire of revival.

He attended Zion Bible College in Barrington, RI for two years and then Brownsville Revival School of Ministry (BRSM). During that time, he experienced some very low times, dealing with severe alcohol abuse and other destructive behaviors. But by the grace of God, the last Friday of August in 2003, the Lord transformed and reconciled John, never to be the same again!

During that difficult time in his life, one of his most tragic losses was his girlfriend of 4 years, Kimberly. They had grown up in church together, starting dating in high school, and ministered together until she left for Liberty University during her second year of Nursing School. That relationship was lost beyond repair… BUT GOD had other plans!

In December 2004, John moved back to New England. 6 months later they were engaged and 4 months after that they married! God had done the impossible and healed many hearts that John had hurt. He is a miracle working God!

Kimberly has pursued a very successful career in Nursing and John worked as a chef and then EMT, all while they were both serving in various ministries in the church where they grew up. In 2011, the Lord called them to be leaders of a new work HE was building. His Providence Church was birthed out of revival prayer meetings- that started with 12 families. Now, John and Kim are part of the staff of HPC and lead several ministries, including One Less, the Orphan Care Ministry of HPC. Another ministry, which was birthed out of personal experience they’ve had with fostering and adoption, is called Bags of Hope.

John and Kimberly have one biological daughter, their oldest, named Grace and have adopted 5 children from foster care in Massachusetts- Shane, Kasen, Bella, James, and Levi.

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